TAKENAKA Graduates & entry-level recruitment



Why don’t we challenge new things together?

Video, one of the means of media, has become indispensable in many situations. Using video has been already in common during event.
Our work has been deployed in every scene either realistic or virtual. Takenaka, starting from hardware business, has expanded its business area to software, production, programing.
Now, Takenaka is looking for various talented people.
Let’s challenge new things together, and to sharp your imagination!

Job Description

Looking For Talent.

Job category
1: Event Producer/Director
2: Front-end engineer (interactive)
3: Video creator, WEB designer/creator
4: Sales and Event planner
5: PC, Audio and Video Equipment Technician and Operator
6: Project manager, Team leader, Managing director
7: System developer (Business-based application development)
Job Description
Employment statusFull-time employee and contractor
Work locationTokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto
HolidaysAnnual holidays: 105 days (including Sundays and public holidays, summer holiday, year-end and New Year holidays)Paid vacation, special leave for weddings and funerals, etc.
Insurance and transportation expenseComplete with various social insurance (applies to full-time employees)Transportation expenses separately
SalaryDetermined by our salary regulationsExample: undergraduate degree - base salary 168,000 yen, overtime pay 52500 yen, Total 220,500 yen
Screening method
Interview, paper test
Application method
Please send your resume and self PR to the following address by mail.
3-1-43 Chikko, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu, 552-0021 JAPAN


You ask,
we answer

Q & A about the adoption

Q1: Please tell me how to apply.
Please send us your resume and self PR by mail.
Q2: Do you have a company briefing?
Yes. We hold the briefing in Tokyo and Osaka.
Interviews are conducted in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya later on.
Q3: Is there any specialized skill or knowledge required?
No. All new graduates are eligible.

Q & A of after joining us

Q4: Is there a transfer, relocation or other types of employee move?
Yes. Generally, all employees are eligible.
Q5: It seems working in TAKENAKA is very busy, but how is it actually?
In fact, it depends on which part you are in charge. However, we strictly work on seeking the brilliant image quality, it may be the reason why TAKENAKA looks busy.
Depending on job function, some departments are busier than others. Therefore, it is better to make a good time-management, in order to balance you work life and personal life.
Q6: How to determine the departments which new employees start to work? Will you consider employees’ requests?
Employees’ requests are also taken into consideration. But before making decision, we will consider the aptitude of the new employee, based on the entire manning schedule and work schedule.

Other Q & A

Q7: Please tell me the average age.
It is 35 years old. (2016 February)
Q8: What is the ratio of males to females?
Approximately 6: 4. (2016 February)

Working at TAKENAKA


TAKENAKA works on a variety of events, such as corporate event, ceremony, convention, academic conference, awards ceremony, exhibition and movie preview.
We, operate as a corporate group, to plan and produce the entire events in response to the client's needs.

In the given space, the audio-visual equipment and materials are utilized, accompanying with the best-suited scene for getting the amazing space and stage performance.

Let me introduce TAKENAKA’s business area in brief.


On-the-spot Report

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