Nishihonganji Interactive
[Honganji square]

A photographed face fitting character imitates
Nishi Honganji Interactive content that the
characters move around with appearance,
walking and holding hands, reading books.
We created face-fitting characters, background
illustrations, etc.

Night Wonder Aquarium 2016
Interactive content

Night Wonder Aquarium 2016 Interactive contents
"Nagisa's experience learning" We made characters
for face-catching, illustration of fish swimming in
the screen, swimming motion and so on.

Ugokao! The Sim-Island

Face-catching characters got off to an imaginary
island, Start fishing, dancing cheerfully, plowing
the fields and living happily. Here is the
Iillustration we created for face-fitting character
/ background / item etc.

UXmas Interactive Tower
of the Sun mapping

It is a content that pick a favorite frame, shoot
a picture, paint freely and it can fly to the sun's
tower. Here is the illustrations for a frame
character (face grommet).