【Digital Signage Japan 2018】

Makuhari Messe (International Exhibition Hall / International Conference Hall)

We covered the entire space with high-precision curve LED of 2.9mm pitch, and using 3.9mm pitch LED on the floor, we also created an extraordinary VR space surrounded by 180° LEDs. Among them, by directing the image × music × body interaction using sensing, we aimed for creating a booth that expresses a new presentation with unprecedented sense of unity. This time based on the concept of "Digital Is Physical" (fusion of body and digital) Two types of content are available, that one of is "HACOBUNE room 1" which allows you to control the picture and music freely by moving your body, and another "HACOBUNE room 2" aiming for high score by jumping in digital space by flapping and tilting motion. It has become a space where you can fully enjoy the new experiences that your body and digital melt together.

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