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EPSON office mapping in SHINJUKU

EPSON office mapping in SHINJUKU
Epson head office entrance JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 29th Floor
TIME: 2017.9.26-

Epson head office entrance Omnidirectional Mapping

We are providing "surprise and excitement" to customers with overwhelming large screen surrounded by 360-degree images, using 17 projectors in the elevator hall and 12 in the showroom. We put sensors in the space, and you can see WELCOME message when you visit the showroom or the video will replay when you stay in the room etc, just because of an interactive element we put in. Epson · Grove (Earth) 's content, with the thought of Epson as "Contributing value to all people on the planet and creating the future" It was named "E.G" from the acronym. "Nature", "Contemporary", "Art" are divided into three parts, which express "Epson's history", "Epson who is worldwide", "Epson's high sensitivity" respectively.